New look and new beginnings

After many years of blogging over at blogspot, I decided it was time to make my way over to WordPress. I’m still perfecting it, but I hope that you enjoy the new look and the new site for my blog. If you’re a regular follower, make sure you sign up for updates as I will no longer be posting over at blogspot. All of my former posts are visible here, so you can still see my past posts! I will leave them at blogspot for a few weeks or so, and then delete them.

The last few months have been… interesting… for me. I have not been as active in terms of research or science work as I should have been, but there are many reasons for this that I will not go into here. I’m hoping now to turn over a new leaf and get back my motivation and get some research done. Many of you already know this, but I’ve joined the Science Borealis¬†editorial team as a co-editor in Multimedia, and I’m also helping out with social media. I’ve really enjoyed the first month of this getting to know the blogs and podcasts, and discovering some great Canadian scientific artists. If you’re a Canadian science blogger/podcaster/artist, you should consider syndicating with us!

I’ve got a couple of papers in preparation right now, including one really cool one that I’ve been working on for a few months that is almost ready to submit I think. I can’t wait to share that one with everyone as it’s pretty neat. For now, however, it’s back to my PhD…


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