Things I learned during my PhD – Do’s and don’t’s for students to staff

Anyone that knows me and readers of this blog may know that my PhD did not exactly go according to plan. This started basically exactly half way through my PhD, at the beginning of my 3rd year when my supervisor left, initially temporarily, and then a few months later that turned permanent. I will not … More Things I learned during my PhD – Do’s and don’t’s for students to staff

Confessions of a palaeobiologist learning to code

Learning to code is something that a lot of people do in their PhD. Programs like R or MatLab are common in highly mathematical and quantitative studies, and in studies with a large amount of data. For this reason, these kinds of analyses and programs have traditionally been uncommon amongst palaeontologists. When you have a … More Confessions of a palaeobiologist learning to code

PhD Opportunity – pterosaur launch

Pterosaur biomechanics is something that I’m obviously very interested in, and the launch of pterosaurs is something that has been heavily debated. Traditionally, pterosaurs were thought to launch like birds, either running on their hindlimbs and jumping, or vertically launching into the air. However, it has been suggested more recently that they may have launched in … More PhD Opportunity – pterosaur launch

A ptiny pterosaur from the Late Cretaceous

Apologies for the title… Anyone who was with me on my last trip to Romania will remember the discussion of the potential for small pterosaurs in the Late Cretaceous, which rapidly turned into the search for “ptiny pterosaurs”. While I’ve always liked giant pterosaurs (who doesn’t think they are cool?!), I’ve recently become interested in … More A ptiny pterosaur from the Late Cretaceous

Where to publish?

As a student, choosing where to publish your next paper is extremely important in order to showcase your research and build your reputation. Perspective employers look at the journals you publish in to rate your research and decide how employable you are, which makes it very stressful making the decision. So how do you decide? … More Where to publish?

Pterosaurs of Stuttgart and Munich

As part of my PhD, and with the help of the Geological Association of London, I’ve been fortunate enough to go on several research trips to some museums in Germany including Tübingen, Karlsruhe, Stuttgart, and Munich. Stuttgart and Munich in particular have excellent pterosaur collections, including many historically significant specimens. Stuttgart The Staatsliches Museum für … More Pterosaurs of Stuttgart and Munich